Sep 27, 2015

The main undercurrent that certainly many likely expand in size in the future is the coming
ease to access of affordable VR headsets. Sensing a big change in the market, Samsung chose to make a affordable VR headsets for its smartphone.

Samsung keeps an eye on the smartphone markets and since affordable VR headsets will possibly arrive from the major smartphone manufacturer to enhance their smartphone packages, Korean company programs to be amid the first to nip a chunk of the growing market.

Samsung looks like have to take action to enhance on its current Gear VR Innovator edition that cost $200 each, by doing it more cozy, a lot wider smartphone compatibility, lighter, and the huge factor is much cheaper of 50%. If this new GearVR will be success, it will probably leave all the major VR players behind.

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Surprisingly, the new gadget will change the approach it sees ease in experiencing smartphone VR. This innovative Gear VR is less heavy since it has modified several of the plastic parts for webbing or mesh while the components that contact your face when placing them on are not just foam but various layers of soft padding such as micro fleece that stays steady in your face and less likely to fall down into your nose. The touch pad on the forehead at this point has small grooves that will assist users guide their fingers in four directions along with the total design is enhanced to simply be more convenient.

What is significant to the innovative design is that a lot more Samsung phones are made to fit inside the new Gear VR, therefore no one will grumble an longer regarding bot being equipped to fit their particular phone inside the headset. Between the suitable phones that may work with it are the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 edge+.

Each of these units comes with a fairly good 2560x1440 display so graphic quality won't be a problem. The device still no exact date when to launch however Samsung says that it will be offered in Frost white color for $99.


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